5 College Career Fair Tips to Win Great Candidates

5 College Career Fair Tips to Win Great Candidates
September 26, 2018 Gurji Kochar

Do you know how, as a start-up, you can attract fresh talent towards your organisation? Well, there are a number of ways to do so and here we will discuss one great way to grab the attention of job seekers towards your start-up and i.e. career fair.

Career fair is a great opportunity for any such organisation to attract fresh talent. Students are the future of any country and students who are in their last semester of academics attend mostly these career fairs. Students attend these career fairs with an aim to land themselves at a comfortable position in the professional arena and this is where, you as a start-up, can entice them to come to you. The career fair will provide you with an opportunity to conduct a pre-application interview and at last, you will be left with a number of prospective candidates for your vacancies.

Read ahead as we are here with some good tips that will help you grab attention of all the attendees at the career fair.

  • Advertise well before the career fair

The first step towards a successful career fair will be to advertise well before it. Students should be anticipating their visit to your booth. You should infuse curiosity in them so that they come to you and show some enthusiasm towards your organisation. You can do so by visiting different colleges and training centres, pasting banners, distributing pamphlets and so on.

  • Create an interesting booth

If you were able to create good curiosity for your organisation in the minds of the students, the students are bound to come to you. Your next steps should be such that they do not leave your booth until they are satisfied. Create an interesting career booth with lots of relevant information about your organisation. Do not make it jazzy, as it will cause fatigue in the eyes of the students. Make it short, simple yet understandable.

When the students come to your booth, you should be able to provide all the opportunities they need. Some of them might be looking for a full time job or some of them might look for good live projects and internships. You can create two different counters and divide the crowd to cater them well.

  • Promise quirky and attractive pay

Along with all the other benefits, you should be able to convey to the students that they will get attractive and well-deserving pay for their contribution towards the organisation. Also, they should know that their efforts will help the organisation grow and with the growth of the organisation corresponds their personal growth.

  • Make your organisation stand out in the crowd

Last but not the least; you need to create a unique aura for your company in the crowd. In the career fair, there will be a number of other companies as well. You can make your team dress up in the same uniform so that your company stands out in the crowd.

These career fairs are excellent opportunities for the start-ups to divert fresh talent towards their organisation. Students initially look for growth rather than money and start-ups are the best places for growth in the initial professional years.

As a start-up, you need to create the desire among the students to join you and these career fairs are surely a great help.