5 MUST-DOs for TPOs to bring better jobs to campus!

5 MUST-DOs for TPOs to bring better jobs to campus!
December 18, 2017 Gurji Kochar

While the Placement Cells across the world struggle and put in numerous efforts to get the best jobs to their students, the role of Training and Placement Offices becomes more crucial than ever in shaping the future of young freshers. TPOs carry the immense responsibility of bringing the employers to the campus, preparing the young pool of potential and manage the process of placing the right person in the right job. Not only this process is tedious, it also involves unsaid challenges and umpteen amount of constant efforts to bring the best of opportunities to college students.

Read on and find out our list of must do activities for TPOs to maximize the result of placement activities!


1. Match Academics to Industry Demands.

It has always been a challenge for TPOs to match the industry demands with the pool of freshers.  It may be easy to bring generic jobs to campus, but bringing selective and appropriate kind of jobs that match with the skill of students, reflect the success of TPOs. The campuses that focus on getting jobs complimenting to the skillset of students, tend to place freshers as long term employees.

All you need is a smart platform which can categorize the skill sets of the students and match it with the jobs descriptions of the companies coming to campuses. Well if you are worried about where to find such a platform? Don’t worry Picubed has already found you! Now let it do the hard work while you focus on the next task at hand!


2. Analyze the Placement Trends

Gone are those days when there were only a handful ways of getting a job. TPOs have to essentially stay updated about the contemporary placement trends of every year. With passage of time these trends undergo variations and hence have a very strong impact on the placement processes of colleges. Keeping up with the trends helps in landing more number of jobs to the students with a wide spectrum of talent.

If you are worried about where to find the placement trends, the Job Postings section on Picubed is all set to give you a comprehensive report of the opportunities at hand. All you’ve got to do is login!


3. Manage Quality and Quantity.

When it comes to placements, all of have surely gone through the phase where we question the claims of colleges offering assured placements. More than often such scenarios end up placing students in the fields they are not related to. Mass recruitments can get every student a job, but they do not necessarily get everyone right job. TPOs have the most important role in balancing the quality and quantity of placements in campuses for a sustainable growth of the college as well as companies.

A Student Data Management offered by the smart placement management software Picubed provides the much needed sorting of skill sets. This results in a transparent skill mapping as well as a clear career mapping of the students based on their strong and weak areas!

4. Upscale Skills in Students

Today we are in the era that demands a proportionate blend of technical and behavioral smartness. It becomes absolutely essential that the students are made aware of the expectations they have to live up to and are trained accordingly. While getting a job continues to be a dreamy achievement for students, it is the responsibility of TPOs to equip them with the high quality and updated training that is needed to continue in the jobs they get.


The TPOs can easily seek the help of technology in preparing the students for the updated demands of the industry. If you are wondering how to maximize the exposure to your students, let Picubed show you the way!

5. Bridge the Companies to the College

TPOs are the the most essential Point of Contact between the world of opportunities and the potential pool of campuses. Shouldering this huge responsibility, the placement offices strive hard to brief and mold both the sides to adjunct to each other’s requirements. With the superfluous market of skilled employees, TPOs have to equip themselves to represent their USPs to come at par in competency.

If managing staff, students and employers seem cumbersome to you, why not switch to an automated smart solution. Let Picubed manage the work while you focus to make the future of young students- brighter and better!