Be Alive on the Live Projects!

Be Alive on the Live Projects!
January 29, 2019 Abhishek
Be alive with live projects
The universities in recent times have been facing a dicey situation during the campus recruitment process as the employers come with limited vacancies, and they are spoilt for choices. There should be a fair chance for each student to prove his mettle during the hiring process, and the criteria of hiring should be fair and uniform for all. Keeping this parameter in mind, it can be said that the trend of “LIVE PROJECTS” initiated by provides the students with a great platform to perform on. The students, who ace these projects are given rewards and, are also provided with pre-placement offers, which can put their career on the right track.

How It Works?

The employers require people from different streams, and require a certain benchmark in merit to be fulfilled. They prepare a project that needs a certain merit to excel in, and thus the winner can be chosen easily. The benefits of this process are:
  • Students get to work in groups, which is a good simulation of the situation they would be working in, should they get hired. This improves the student’s communication skills, which is required to complete the project on time.
  • The students work on these live projects. Depending on their performances, the process of choosing the right talent becomes easier for the companies who have posted those projects.
  • This method works much better than the interview process, which might be unfair to students, who might not be in the right frame of mind during the interview. Judging a student on the basis of a short interview is unfair and not a fair judgment of the years that he/she has spent in learning the skills required by the industry.
  • The students get a participation certificate that reflects how he/she fared in the project. This opens up more vistas for the particular student, because he can add it to his CV, even if he does not get hired by this particular company.
  • Students get to decide the project that he is most comfortable in. Thus, the employers get to know the best skill set of the student easily.

Summing up

Thus, the job market can be made fairer for the students through live projects. The employers can also choose the best employees in this way, and thus the process works in the best interests of everyone. Look at the vast variety of live projects available on