Get the Feel of the Real Corporate World with LIVE PROJECTS

Get the Feel of the Real Corporate World with LIVE PROJECTS
February 1, 2019 Abhishek
Live project for student
Live projects are a great opportunity for aspiring students, who find it difficult to get exposure to competent training. Job training or live projects are part of the curriculum as it helps in giving a clear picture about the functioning of the real corporate world. With the introduction of online live projects, it has become rather easier for aspiring students to get training on live projects. Thanks to the online platform of that has opened a wide world of live projects for students. Finding a suitable project is a hassle-free task for students on The experiences gained through live projects certainly shape the career graph of the candidates in the real corporate world.

Advantages of This Online Platform

The first and foremost requirement is to get enrolled. Once the enrollment is done, students can scroll through the ample of live projects available on the site. Based on individual or group requirement a student can choose a project.
  • The projects are posted by known companies from all segments of the corporate world. Thus, a student can get an experience of the functioning of the real business world.
  • Moreover, there is no fee charged for working on these live projects.
  • The other benefit is that students are awarded project completion certificates, which hold great value. These certificates prove their mettle at the time of job interviews or pre-placement interviews.
  • There are stipend based live projects available in which companies pay the stipend along with certificates after successful completion of the project. Benefits also come in the form of valuable advice and help extended by the skilled people of the company.
  • By the time a student successfully completes his live project, he is ready to face the challenges of the real corporate world.
  • The projects that various companies post on the online platform of in helps the students and the business schools in understanding the demand of the companies. The companies actually train their future workforce according to the need through live projects. Working on a live project is a great way of saving time and effort of aspiring students.

A Great Platform for LIVE PROJECTS!

The hunt for a suitable live project ends at a platform like Takeup is an online platform that equips aspiring students with live projects training at free of cost. showcases category-wise availability of live projects that gives it an edge over its competitors. The user-friendly website is easy to explore for students looking for live projects.


I found very informative as they provide a piece of in-depth information about various elements of the corporate world beside best of live projects. Raveesh Ranjan (Student)