How to Make Your Live Project Posting Go Viral?

How to Make Your Live Project Posting Go Viral?
September 26, 2018 Gurji Kochar

Live projects helps companies to hire fresh talents and also give them the insight of projects they will handling in near future.

Live projects method followed by companies is the most innovative way to hire fresh talents. However, making the project go viral is a task, which requires good planning and tools.

Live projects are a means for companies to attract talented individuals to become a part of their workforce. For an organization, hiring a new talent is a tiring task which not only consumes time, but cost too. One of the ways to find the true talent is through live projects. These are prospective employees that are still undergoing education and thus require certain Live project Experience, in order to understand their subject and its application better. So how can companies attract these human resources? Well, a good way for companies is to promote their live projects so that they are visible to a large number of people and thus the chances of talented individuals trying to be a part of a company rises.

Whether your organization belongs to social media or IT domain, posting live projects online can help in selecting fresh graduates according to the requirement and talent. Although, it won’t be an easy task, but effective enough to zeroing down the best one.

5 Ways to Help Make Your Live Project Post Go Viral

“Going viral”- the word itself means pursuing the viral marketing strategies that can foster both action and power. Even though you are a great platform, it is not enough to simply post a project on the site and expect the Internet to do the rest. In order to be successful, your live project post needs to be both shareable and share-worthy. The following are a few key pieces that can help you consistently prepare a viral project.

  • Quality is the Key

For any post to go viral, one of the key factors is the quality of your content that helps the audience to find out about it naturally. Basically, it puts everything in place as it changes the way of spreading your post and triggers a person’s emotions. The quality of your post depends on the understanding of your customer’s emotion. Try to create your project presentation in an eye-catching manner because most people will look at your project for a couple seconds before they determine whether they like it and want to dig deeper, or not.

  • Keep it simple

In general, viruses depend on fast replication to spread and the same goes for a marketing strategy for your post going viral. Whether your project is a report, video, presentation or website launch; it is virtually just a container for your message. So keeping it simple and to the point will make the student understand and take up the project.

  • Have an idealist

If you want to create the most amazing post, keeps a track of other project ideas using apps such as Evernote. Write them down and add them to your everyday project plan. Once you get your best idea, start building on it. Finish it as soon as possible because at this point delaying your project should not be your option. Work fast to create and launch it, then only your project will be valuable.

  • Must be genuine

In order to build attractive content for your project is essential to keep your live project post idea simple and unique. Make sure to create your project worthy of being shared. The biggest mistake you can make is to fake authenticity, therefore, never try it even.

  Conclusion: Once you have written your viral live project post, hit up all of the people that shared the other similar articles. Using well-known live project site will be really helpful. Such sites are really popular among students and companies to gather more live projects and acts as the intermediate between the two.