LIVE PROJECTS – Real Work while You Are Really Studying!

LIVE PROJECTS – Real Work while You Are Really Studying!
February 15, 2019 Abhishek
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Knowledge is best when it is put to practical use! is a platform that connects academic situations to the real world. helps those students, who intend to focus on simulating real-world situations so that they put their knowledge into practice. It is these sorts of projects that prepare the students for success in the real world like no other teaching style can. has taken the initiative of preparing students to face the corporate world; and close in the gap between what is taught in schools and what the job sector actually demands. Thus, the demand-supply mismatch of the industrial sector is answered. And also, the students get a taste of the real-time environment. is for the students, who are ready to take the plunge into the valid world.  When a student registers at, he/she enters into a world where all the dreams turn into reality.

Benefits of Working on Live Projects for Students

The advantages of working on live projects at, while studying, are umpteen. It is akin to being theoretically as well as practically experienced by the time you complete your studies and go to look for a full-fledged job in the market.
  • The first and foremost advantage is that you can put your theoretical skills to practice.
  • When you work on live projects, you get a chance to have an actual corporate experience, understand the working of the industry and contribute positively to it.
  • You could decorate your resume with strong completed projects in addition to achievement certificates.
  • They add to your knowledge and skills in a particular stream.
  • You keep yourself updated with the latest technology and framework.
  • Working on these projects will give you confidence and boost your morale.
  • Live Projects teach you how to approach a task and follow deadlines. They make you prepared for your future jobs.
  • These live projects help you ace the interviews with your superior industry insights and skills.
  • The icing on the cake is that you can earn while you study!
With, you actually reap in profits, both in terms of knowledge as well as money. What more does a student want other than the fact that a company sits up and takes notice of your talent and even pays for it!

Vision is solely focused on providing the best-quality service, better than other such platforms with a great vision, as follows:
  • To make the education system more realistic and practical for the students and colleges.
  • To lessen the burden on industries by providing them with the right and relevant talent.

Testimonial was like the magic wand that turned all my theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Not only did it prepare me to face the corporate world, but also boosted my morale and confidence. In short, it is a one-stop-shop for success. Jasmine, Student