Are you looking for a Virtual Internship?

Are you looking for a Virtual Internship?
October 31, 2018 Gurji Kochar

Live projects and internships are opportunities that bridge the gap between the education imparted in institutions and the professional world. Making the transition between academic life into a promising easy for the students. In the present day work and internship system, space and time are no longer the decision maker when considering a prospective internship, all thanks to the rising rate of Virtual Internships.

Launching the missile of your career in a virtual way is a perfect way. You get the best working ambience, the comfort of home and the competitiveness of a corporate office. A virtual internship can serve as a foundation stone to land a full-time job for you, it gives you hands-on work experience with global organisations while working from any place with a good internet connection.

A regular contact with your superior, and everyone in the company through phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, emails and other project managing tools makes virtual internships a productive option for the employee and the employer too.

Build Skills & Experience At Your Own Comfort

Virtual Internships give students a world-class professional experience with the comfort of staying at home, college campus or anywhere where they can regularly be in touch with their team.

Being a Virtual Intern with TakeUP is very exciting and rewarding experience. Why?

  • Get the first-hand experience of the corporate world from the best in the field.
  • A never-before opportunity to learn the skills and qualities needed to help you grow your career the right way.
  • Be a part of a bigger change in the company by contributing to your fresh and innovative ideas
  • Add Value to the company at your own comfort of your home, campus etc.
  • Work with colleagues from various cultures, time zones and markets, using digital tools.

That’s not it….

A virtual internship can easily be taken up even in-between your semester break or when you are in the middle finishing your degree and joining a new job. Not only does an internship like this helps you build up a practical skill set which your upcoming employers are looking for, but it also gives a broader picture of the professional world (some time to get out of your comfort zone of home and college to prepare for the corporate war).

Also, your CV will have a global internship to impress in your next interview. Virtual internships are a great way to enter the threshold of the corporate world, allowing you to kick off with confidence and talent.

With the liberty of your own time, at your own pace, work wherever your laptop takes you.

Find Your Dream Virtual Internship With TakeUP Internships offered by different companies

Why students love takeup

A virtual internship with an office in the USA gave me an opportunity to explore the global work culture and also improve my commercial awareness. I would never have got this opportunity with taking up this internship.” – Tenzin Dorjee, Lovely Professional University
“ This internship allowed me to virtually take up opportunities in places I would otherwise never be able to. Also, gave me a chance to understand my weakness and work on them before taking up my full-time job.” – Ashana Chatwal, Amity University, Gurgaon
“ My virtual internship was the best way I could manage my evening classes and also get a stamp on an internship in my resume. “ – Girish Venkatesh, Guru Nanak Deve University, Amritsar
“ I have been able to prioritise my work and time better and manage my time more fruitfully after this virtual internship. The skills I learned there helped me to crack a  lot of interviews and land my dream job.” – Mankirat Singh Vij, University Institute of Chemical Sciences, Chandigarh

How does TakeUP Virtual Internships work?

A virtual internship is the best way to give your raw talent a professional polish of the corporate world. TakeUP Virtual Internships makes the road ahead for students an easy one.

This is how The virtual internships program works-

  1. Apply for a Virtual Internship of your choice, make sure you make a note of the qualifications and skills needed.
  2. Once selected, get briefed online by your managers about your job duties.
  3. Access all the curated resources provided to you which will help you during your span of work.
  4. Get video/audio instructions from the employers from time to time in regard to the work assigned.
  5. Don’t forget to add your attendance and day’s work at the day-end.
  6. Virtually be a part of the organisation via video conferencing or other tools for office functions, meetings and extra-curricular activities